What is IN.FORM?
WELCOME to a uniquely different, wonderfully effective, 13-week health, weight management and lifestyle program. IN.FORM is a stress-free, information-rich plan that helps people achieve their health and weight management goals. But it doesn’t stop there! IN.FORM helps you optimize your body composition so you maintain muscle mass as you lose weight. And it helps you lower your metabolic age, an important gauge of your body’s energy efficiency.
Go from “I want” to “I’m ready!”
Anyone can say, “I want to lose weight.” It’s much more difficult to declare your health independence with, “I’m ready to change my life and my habits for the better.”
Questions? Feel free to contact me. No pressure. No hassle.
IN.FORM is Different… and Delightfully Better!
HOW you ask? Let me count the best ways:
HIGH-TECH. We use super-cool technology to measure more than just weight and waist size. Our BioTracker takes a snapshot or your current health and allows you to measure weekly progress in 8 important health categories over the 13-week program.
PREPARATION. I (as your coach) will teach you the fundamental skills you need to eat healthier, remove toxins, take control of your food environment, handle cravings, deal with setbacks and much more. Learn how to eat right and live healthfully, not simply suppress your eating. And there’s no calorie counting. None.
ACCOUNTABILITY. Reporting your measurements and key data every week helps your coach realize and appreciate your efforts and choices during the week. And keeping a food journal helps build personal accountability for eating habits, exercise, water intake and more.
SOCIAL. You’ll have fun and make new friends who will cheer you on to success.
HOLISTIC. We examine the whole person, taking into account unique needs and important factors like emotions, stress, social support and more.
HAPPY FULLNESS. Believe it or not, when you eat the right foods, you don’t feel hungry all the time. Our Essential Foods Plan features food you can find at your supermarket. Eat what you want—meat, dairy, whole grains, fruit and vegetables—as long as it’s in the plan. Track what you eat in your food journal. Stick to the Plan and you’re much less likely to fill up on nutrient-poor, calorie-rich junk.
Be More Successful with a Coach
Weight Loss is Mind over Matter...Mostly.
IN.FORM borrows philosophy from the best-selling book Change Anything.
As your IN.FORM coach, I will:
  • Help you find your why
  • Teach you the skills you need for success
  • Help motivate you socially
  • Recognize your achievements
  • Help you improve your food environment
We will even examine “learnings” together so any negative experience can still help point you toward success.
Melissa English
Certified IN.FORM Coach
Gastonia NC
Watch this video to learn what you can expect when you join my group.
IN.FORM Gets Results!
Thousands of Americans are using IN.FORM to:
  • Lose weight in a safe, healthy way
  • Feel better
  • Look and feel younger
  • Have more energy
  • Increase overall health and well-being
  • Replace harmful habits with healthy habits
  • Help make a lasting lifestyle change
My Success Story
Melissa English
Certified IN.FORM Coach
Gastonia NC
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If you’re committed to losing weight and transforming your health, get IN.FORMed! Contact me and get started today!
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